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Eight semester paper valuation is currently going on excepted to complete in one or two days. And Anna university,chennai Already announced that results will be probably published by last week of June 2012
So Now the questions from students(Especially EEE,ECE Final year Students, Formerly They Got Very Tough Question Papers For Couple Of Subjects) is what about the paper valuation is it strict or liberal
Usually Eighth Semester Paper Valuation Will Be somewhat liberal when Compared to Other Semesters, also you need some sort luck if you not done the exam well(Filling Up The Pages)
First Of All Nobody can Predict Any Paper Evaluation history . Its Purely depends on the examiner , if you are really lucky your paper May passes with liberal valuation
 “ Paper Valuation For Eighth Semester BE/BTECH  is liberal”

Every minute of a day

How Much Data is Created Every Minute?
Infographic by Visual News

I never thought that i can do the best thing in the world, sometimes my conscience says like this. I don’t know why, maybe of fear, lethargic which is the worst thing that I loathe, or unlucky. Whatever maybe the case, I am not going to yield to these stupid happenings. After all, every successful man has his own story. I just love this quote, “All you need is just 30 seconds of insane courage to accomplish things”

Testing PPP

It just warned me to paste the content somewhere in the blog

A peculiar witch dashes into the outlook.

  • Twitter, recently, has become a smart advertising tool
  • Beefy Brands may be paying celebrities for tweets, but whos paying Twitter?When celebrities who have more than 1M followers, post  the photos  as the one shown here, they are getting  paid huge sum.
  • But this is not exactly following the rules and regulations of  the government concerned.
  • But the million dollar question is who is paying Twitter for the smart advertising.  And the answer is none.
  • If this is going to be a phenomenal thing in twitter sphere, then @twitter has to make its share from the companies.

Microsoft launched Kinect at E3 2010 and E3 2011 is all about bringing the games to Kinect. But before we go all Kinect, here is what Microsoft showed-off as its core Xbox-360 line-up. Opening with a bang as expected was a gameplay demo of Modern Warfare 3. The game not only looked epic but as big as a Michael Bay summer blockbuster. The game is expected to hit store shelves on November 8 2011. Next we saw the first gameplay demo of the reboot of Tomb Raider. Borrowing from games like Uncharted and Assassins Creed, Tomb Raider sees a re-imagining of Lara’s adventure. 21 years old and stranded on an island, this looks to be one cinematic adventure. None other than developer Cliffy B. demonstrated Gears of War 3. Not only will Hoard Mode make a comeback in this iteration of the game, but the single player campaign will get better with up to 4-player co-op support. Kinect took center stage for the rest of Microsoft’s E3 2011 press event. Blockbuster titles such as Mass Effect 3, Ghost Recon Future Soldier, Forza 4 and Fable: The Journey showed-off not only Kinect support for gameplay but voice control as well. Now you can shout orders at your troop mates verbally rather than pressing a button on a controller. A special mention here has to be made to the demo of Ghost Recon and the ability to customize your guns with Kinect support. For all you sports fans, EA Sports will also boast of Kinect support as well. And if you are a sports fan , Kinect Sports 2 may interest you. A sequel to last year hit Kinect Sports, Kinect Sports 2 now supports multiplayer as well as voice control and has more of a Wii sports like appeal. The XBOX 360 also received a dashboard update. This dashboard makes the interface more Kinect friendly and adds features such as Live TV, Bing search and YouTube support. Did I mention its voice controlled as well? For all the children, games such as Kinect Disneyland Adventures, Kinect Star Wars and Sesame Street: Once upon a monster will make their debut. Here Kinect Disneyland needs a special mention as Disneyland has been truly recreated in a digital world and all the fun rides can be digitally played such as Peter Pan adventures, Alice in Wonderland and more. The dancer in you too can breathe a sigh of relief, as Dance Central 2 will launch with multiplayer support. With over 1000 songs to dance to and backward compatibility with songs from the previous game, Dace Central 2 looks like it will keep you dancing for many nights to come when the game launches! For all you Halo fans out there this is an epic treat for you. Halo turned 10 this year and in honour of the first game in the franchise, Halo 1 has been re-mastered in HD for the XBOX 360, online play has been enhanced for XBOX Live and co-op play has been added. The game is titled Halo Combat Evolution Anniversary and will be available on November 15 2011. Microsoft also closed their E3 briefing with a bang by teasing Halo 4. Yes, that’s right a new halo game. That’s it from the Microsoft E3 2011 briefing but stay tuned as Sony and Nintendo still need to show us what’s hidden in their sleeves.

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