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Windows 8 Mail/People/Calendar App update

Today Microsoft released the update for three main apps of Windows 8/RT which can be updated from the windows store. If the update doesn’t show up on start up, check for updates by clicking windows store.


Mail App Update – features

  • Ability to create, rename & delete folders with the help of folder options button in bottom bar


  • Flagging(read, unread) options for mails to sort and read quickly much similar to the experience of Outlook mail. This feature makes filtering of read & unread mails much easy.
  • In addition, one can also mark the mails as “Junk” using junk app bar button.


  • With the current mail update, one can even set when a mail has to be marked as read/unread as opposed to what it has currently which marks it as read when selected in the messages pane.


    • The app is optimized to deliver fast response by exploiting fast & subsequent syncs with cloud based email services.
    • This update made the inbox search dynamic where the user will search the mail servers for all the mails in contrast to the existing search of mails in local cache memory of the device.
    • To-Address AutoSuggest: The “To” field will also suggest the most frequntly emailed contact persons at the top when one tries to enter the TO address which is a kind of Cool feature.
    • As with Outlook, now the update also supports pasting of formatted content like charts & graphs generated from MS-Word etc. It also supports a variety of options for editing and decorating email content.


    • And of course, the update also very cleverly allows the user to use Outlook.com aliases for sending emails. 

Overall: This Mail update make sure that One can just focus on the task of composing & sending emails very easily as one can do with Outlook.com.


People App Update – features

  • With this Update, Microsoft included the Top bar which comprises Home, Me, What’s New buttons
  • The contact card also displays person’s contact information which is stored in Global address list
  • Choice to filter the updates from one’s social circle for various connected accounts like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc


  • The update also ensures the ability for posting updates on friends’ walls in addition to posting updates for various connected accounts of oneself right from the app itself.


Calendar App Update – Features

  • Week View enables the user to create scheduling of meetings for the current week with bars replacing the blocks which gives more visual and clear outline of the deadlines.
  • The major thing one must take into account is the colored blocks are no longer a part of the calendar app. It will be replaced by the TimeLine like Vertical bars to remind the user more effectively. With this feature, one can easily see day/week/month work-view very easily.


  • With the new scheduling assistant, one can also check the meeting attendees availability to better create a schedule where everyone will be able to attend a meeting/schedule accordinly.
  • One can also, forward the meeting invitations to everyone:)


Overall : In microsoft’s point of view, “ the updates to the Mail/People/Calendar app are aimed at keeping all aspects of your personal and professional life organized.”


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